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Career opportunities

Are you ambitious and keen to work in a progressive organisation that invests in its people?

Revenue is recruiting at senior management level. Responsibilities in each of these roles include setting high performance and accountability standards, driving and delivering excellent performance, promoting a culture that fosters the highest standards of ethics and integrity and ensuring good corporate governance structures:   

Principal (Information, Communications Technology & Logistics Division) - Dublin

You will lead a team of IT specialists in Revenue’s Systems Development Branch, supporting and developing Revenue IT systems such as Tax, Customs, Excise, Case Working or Business Intelligence systems.

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Principal (District Manager) - Cork

As District Manager, you will lead a team in the management and development of customer service and risk-based tax and duty compliance functions, relating to taxpayers resident in, and businesses managed and controlled within, the District.

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Principal (District Manager - Special Compliance) Waterford

Principal (District Manager - Special Compliance) Dundalk

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In either of these roles, you will operate in a large and geographically dispersed Revenue District. You will lead a team providing specialist support on the investigation and prosecution of serious tax and duty evasion, including intelligence development and operational enforcement actions to combat fiscal fraud and the smuggling of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, mineral oils and prohibited goods. 

The closing date for these competitions is 24 August 2017.

Revenue is an Equal Opportunities Employer.