Customs advice for truck drivers using Irish ports

Inbound to Ireland from Great Britain (GB)

What you need

Before you arrive at the port of departure in GB you must have a valid Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN). You will find further information in the Customs Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) Service section.


If you do not have a valid PBN you will not be allowed to check-in by the ferry operator. You will be advised to leave the port.

When you are on the ferry and before you arrive in Ireland (30 minutes before docking) you must check whether:

  • you are free to leave the port on arrival
  • or
  • you must call to customs.

To get your channel you should enter your PBN ID on Revenue’s Customs RoRo Service. Alternatively, if a mobile phone number has been provided, you will receive a text message with your channel information.

Customs check-in on arrival in Ireland

If you receive a call to customs channel you must follow the signs to the relevant terminal. Once parked in the terminal, you should check-in with Revenue's Customs RoRo Service self check-in. After you check-in, Revenue will send you a text message with details about where to go to complete the required checks.

Once the required checks are completed, you must leave the terminal and exit the port.

You will find detailed information about how to use the Customs RoRo service in Customs advice for drivers using Dublin Port and Rosslare Port

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You will find information about finding your way around the port in the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS) traffic plan.

Where to get traffic updates

Information to drivers will be shared through various channels. Drivers should stay tuned for regular radio updates on:

  • Dublin City Council’s ‘Live Drive’ radio station (103.2FM)
  • South East Radio (95.6FM, 96.2FM, 96.4FM)
  • National radio broadcasts.

Information on traffic flows will also be sent out through the following national websites:

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