Non-resident charities

How to apply for Charitable Tax Exemption

Applications must be submitted through Revenue Online Service (ROS) as follows:

  • My Services
  • Other Services
  • Charities and Sports Bodies eApplications

with the following attachments:

  • a letter from the Charities Regulator if a Registered Charity Number is not required
  • a copy of your charity's constitution
  • a statement of your charity's activities to date, and its plans for the next 12 months
  • your charity's latest annual report
  • your charity's latest financial statements
  • a sworn affidavit completed by the treasurer, trustee or any duly authorised agent
  • and
  • a letter of residence from your charity's tax authority.

Revenue's Charities and Sports Exemptions Unit may request additional documentation to support your application. If your application is successful, Revenue will grant tax exemption.

Your charity may qualify to operate the Charitable Donations Scheme once you have been granted your tax exemption for at least two years.

What language should you use?

Your application and supporting documents must be in Irish or English, the official languages of the State. Any accounts submitted must be in Euro.

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