How Revenue processes your claim

Review of claims

Claims will be subject to review by Revenue and in this regard, you should ensure that:

  • you retain all supporting documentation and produce it to Revenue when requested and in accordance with the deadline set out by Revenue
  • you have complied with all the obligations of the:
    • VAT Consolidation Act 2010
    • Taxes Consolidation Act 1997
    • Stamp Duties Consolidation Act 1999
    • and
    • secondary legislation made under these Acts.

 You should note that:

  • Where review documentation is not submitted or is not in order, a claim cannot be processed further.
  • Revenue may reject a claim.
  • Revenue may make any changes they consider necessary to any claim. Claimants will be advised if this occurs and the reasons for any changes will be explained.

Where Revenue is satisfied that all is in order, the claim can be progressed.

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