Gaming Licence


An operator of gaming machines is required to:

  • hold a Gaming Licence for each premises where gaming machines are available for play
  • hold a licence for each individual gaming machine
  • and
  • have each individual licence conspicuously displayed on its respective gaming machine.

Gaming Licences and Gaming Machine Licences may be applied for to cover a full year period, or a three month period. There is no fixed licensing period.

Revenue may only issue Gaming Machine Licences during the validity period of the current Court Certificate.

It is an offence to operate a gaming machine under an Amusement Machine Permit. The gaming machine is liable to seizure and the operator liable for prosecution.

If you are operating a gaming machine, you must hold a Gaming Licence.

Licence TypeExcise Duty

Annual Gaming Licence


Three month Gaming Licence


Annual Gaming Machine Licence


Three month Gaming Machine Licence


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