Diesel Rebate Scheme

Claim – European Community licence issued in other EU Member States (OMS)

How do I claim a diesel rebate?

Road transport operators who have registered for the scheme will be able to submit claims for repayment online through Revenue Online Service (ROS).

If you have obtained or changed a licence or vehicle, you will need to re-input your licence or vehicle notifications. Remember, you must have a European Community licence.

You may claim a rebate for vehicles from the date you register the vehicle to the operator licence.

You will need the following information for repayment claims:

  • the transport operator’s licence number active in the claim period
  • and
  • written proof of current full tax compliance from the tax authority of the Member State who issued your operator licence.

For each vehicle claim, you will need the:

  • vehicle registration number
  • odometer readings at beginning of repayment period
  • odometer readings at end of repayment period
  • and
  • quantity of diesel purchased with a  fuel card used in that vehicle.

 For each fuel card, you will need the:

  • fuel card number
  • total volume of auto diesel purchased in Ireland
  • total volume of auto diesel on which a claim is being made.

Video on completing a DRS claim:

For queries on registering for the scheme please email drs@revenue.ie.

For queries on completing claims and notifications please email drseu@revenue.ie.

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