Diesel Rebate Scheme

Register – European Community licence issued in other EU Member States (OMS)

How do I register for inclusion in the Diesel Rebate Scheme (DRS)?

If you hold a European Community (EC) issued road transport operator licence, you must register for DRS through the EU Operator Initial Application Form.

You must register before you can submit any notification or claim for DRS.

Your application must contain the following:

  • the same business name and address listed on the application, the licence, and the tax clearance compliance letters
  •  a complete address including the county, postal code and country
  • a foreign Value-Added Tax (VAT) number
  • a valid, in-date European Community licence uploaded with your application
  • and
  • written proof of tax compliance in the form of letter(s) from the tax authority of the Member State who issued your operator licence. These letters must declare full current tax compliance for:
    • self-assessment (income tax or corporate tax)
    • employer’s tax
    • and
    • VAT.

These must be uploaded with your application in one PDF file.

Once successful, Revenue will post your DRS tax number to you with an instruction on registering for Revenue Online Service (ROS). The ROS registration process can take up to three weeks. Once complete, you can submit your DRS claims via ROS.

Video on completing the initial application form:

Notification procedures

Before you submit your initial claim there are 3 notification procedures for you to complete:

1. Fuel card notifications

You can only claim a diesel rebate for diesel purchases you have made using Revenue approved fuel card. Revenue will verify your fuel card purchases with data supplied by your fuel card provider.

You must notify your fuel cards via ROS before submitting a claim. If your fuel card type is not on the list, you may contact your card provider to check if they are aware of the scheme.

To notify Revenue of your fuel card via ROS, you must submit the following:

  • your fuel card provider name
  • your fuel card number
  • and
  • the name or identifier on the card.

Video on completing fuel card notifications:

2. European Community licence notifications

You must notify each European Community licence via ROS before submitting a claim. For each valid, in-date licence you will need to input the licence details and to upload a copy of the licence.

You may claim diesel used in a vehicle from the date your vehicle is registered to your operator licence.

Where a vehicle registration certificate is not in your name, you must submit a European Community licence notification showing this vehicle’s details on your licence.

Video on completing European Community licence notifications:

3. OMS vehicle notifications

You must notify each vehicle via ROS before submitting a claim.

You will need the following information to submit a vehicle notification:

  • registration number
  • registration date
  • vehicle category
  • upload of vehicle registration documents
  • gross laden weight (kg)
  • and
  • number of passenger seats (if applicable).

Video on completing OMS vehicle notifications:

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