Diesel Rebate Scheme

Register – Licence issued in the Republic of Ireland (ROI)

How do I register for inclusion in the DRS?

If you hold a road transport operator licence issued in Ireland, you must register for this scheme through the Revenue On-Line Service (ROS).

You must register for DRS before you can submit any notification or claim for DRS repayment.

To register, log in to ROS and select ‘Manage Tax Registrations’ under the ‘Services’ tab.

What documentation do I need to register? 

Road haulage operators must hold either a national or international road haulage operator's licence.

Passenger transport operators must hold either a national or international road passenger transport operator’s licence.

In addition to either of the above, you will also need the following:

  • The transport operator’s licence number.
  • The transport manager’s certificate of professional competence number (not a driver CPC).
  • A current Tax Clearance Certificate.

Contact the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport for any queries in relation to your operator licence or CPC numbers.

Fuel card notifications

If you used a Revenue-approved fuel card to purchase your auto-diesel, you must notify your fuel cards through ROS.

If your fuel card type is not on the list, you may contact your card provider to check if they are aware of the scheme.

Revenue will verify your fuel card purchases with data supplied by your fuel card provider. 

How do I complete a fuel card notification?

You must submit the following through ROS:

  • Your fuel card provider name
  • Your fuel card number
  • and
  • The name or identifier on the card.

Video on completing fuel card notifications: 

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