Withholding tax on interest payments and royalty payments

Generally, Withholding Tax, at the standard rate of tax, must be deducted from:

  • annual interest payments
  • royalty payments and other sums paid in respect of the user of a patent.

Peer to peer lending

Interest paid on finance that was raised from peer to peer or crowd funding falls within the Withholding Tax provisions. A company paying interest on either of these must deduct tax at the standard rate on the interest payment.

Exemptions, or exceptions, from the obligation to deduct Withholding Tax

There are an extensive range of exemptions or exceptions from the obligation to deduct Withholding Tax. These can be allowed automatically without prior approval from Revenue. The exemptions or exceptions do not apply to individuals resident in the State. For further information, please see Payment and receipt of interest and royalties without deduction of Income Tax.