Revenue’s Twitter policy

This document sets out how Revenue uses Twitter, a free messaging service owned by Twitter.

Our Twitter objectives

  • to share Revenue news and general information using easily accessible channels of communication
  • to increase awareness of entitlements and obligations
  • to increase awareness of Revenue, and tax and customs matters in general.


If you follow the @RevenueIE Twitter account, you can expect regular tweets relating to Irish tax and customs matters including:

  • press releases
  • latest news
  • publications
  • tax updates
  • publicity campaigns and so on.

Privacy and Security

Revenue’s Twitter account is hosted by Twitter. You should read Twitter’s privacy policy. You participate at your own risk and must take personal responsibility for the content of your tweets.

Revenue does not discuss the tax affairs of individual taxpayers over Twitter. We do not accept tweets as notification in respect of your tax affairs. Also, we do not send notifications of tax refunds via Twitter. We will not ask you to disclose personal, confidential or payment information through social media sites such as Twitter. If you receive such a message, do not respond - it is not from Revenue and may be malicious.

See our security page for more information.

Revenue strongly recommends that you avoid tweeting anything personal about yourself or anyone else. You should not discuss the details of any financial affairs on Twitter, or give out any personal details. You should never include a Personal Public Service Number (PPS number), email address, bank details or any other personal information in your tweets.

@replies and Direct Messages

Revenue will read @replies and Direct Messages and emerging themes or helpful suggestions will be monitored and acted upon as appropriate. However, we will not reply individually to @replies or Direct Messages. If you wish to find out more information about Revenue, tax or customs, please use

If you need to contact Revenue, visit our Contact us page.


If you follow @RevenueIE, we will not automatically follow you back. Our decision to follow a Twitter account does not imply endorsement by Revenue. We will remove or block a follower if that follower tweets inappropriate or offensive material.


Revenue will normally update and monitor our Twitter account during office hours only, Monday to Friday.

Twitter may occasionally become unavailable. Revenue cannot accept responsibility for lack of service due to Twitter downtime.