Local Property Tax (LPT) - valuation guidance data

Local Property Tax - valuation guidance data

Statistical Dataset Metadata
Title Local Property Tax - Valuation Guidance data
Description This file contains the underlying data from Revenue’s Online Valuation Guidance application. The data show average valuation bands for each Electoral District in the State, coded by a unique identity number (ED_ID) from the Geo-Directory database. The data are the same as those in the Online Valuation Guidance application and the guidance documents. This file is provided to allow technical users of mapping and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software analyse and display the Revenue valuation guidance.
Publisher Office of the Revenue Commissioners.
Contact Point statistics@revenue.ie
Keywords Electoral Districts, Geographical Information Systems, Revenue valuation guidance, Apartments/Flats, Semi-detached, detached, terraced,  bungalow, property bands, ad-hoc.
Publication Frequency Ad Hoc
Issue Date 31/11/2013
Date last modified 31/11/2013
Licence Type CC-BY