Revenue's Annual reports

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Title Annual reports

Datasets published in the annual reports of the Revenue Commissioners, year ended 31 December 2023

Publisher Office of the Revenue Commissioners.
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Keywords Income Tax, Income Levy, USC, Value-Added Tax, Corporation Tax, Excise, Stamp Duties, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax, Customs, Local Property Tax, PAYE, Self-assessed, Life Assurance Exit Tax, Deposit Interest Retention Tax, Dividend Withholding Tax, Levy, Imports, MOSS, Shares, Property, Relevant Contracts Tax, Electronic Business, Diesel Rebate Scheme, Employments, Companies, 1890 Telephone Calls, Solicitor Enforcement, Sheriff Enforcement, Attachment Enforcement, Creditor Voluntary Liquidations, Court Order, Receiverships, Examinerships, Individuals Declared Bankrupt, Bankruptcies, Creditor Meetings, Revenue Petitions, Multi Tax Duty Audits, Single Tax Duty Audits, Single Issue Transaction Audits, Risk Management Interventions, Assurance Checks, Compliance, Investigations, Nil Audits, Random Audits, Offshore Assets, Trust and Offshore Structures, Life Assurance Products, Moriarty/Mahon, Interest Reporting, Construction Sector, Retailers Sector, Rental Sector, Wholesalers Sector, Pubs Sector, Restaurants and Fast Food Outlets Sector, Doctors Sector, Accounting Book-Keeping and Auditing Services, Legal Activities Sector, Cocaine and Heroin Drug Seizure, Amphetamines Ecstasy and Other Drug Seizure, Cigarette Seizures, Tobacco Seizures, Alcohol Seizures, Illicit Mineral Oil Seizures, Prosecutions, Serious Evasion, DPP, Cigarette Smuggling, Cigarette Selling, Counterfeit Spirits, Prohibited Goods, Commercial Oil, Marked Mineral Oil, VRT, Non-filing of Tax Returns, VAT/P35 Prosecution Programme, Intrastat Non-Compliance, Summary Criminal Convictions, Penalty Programme, VIES Non-Compliance, Mutual Assistance, Europol, Mutual Agreement Procedures, Advance Pricing Agreements, FOI Requests, External Reviews, Internal Reviews, Ombudsman, Complaints.
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Issue date 01/06/2018
Date last modified 13/05/2023
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