Revenue publishes headline results 2017

Today (04/01/2018), Revenue published preliminary results for 2017 including tax collected, customer contacts, timely compliance levels, yield from compliance and enforcement interventions, and tax collected through Revenue’s collection enforcement programme.

In 2017, Revenue collected a record €50.7 billion for the Exchequer. Commenting on the results, Mr. Niall Cody, Revenue Chairman, said: “These results are underpinned by very high levels of timely voluntary compliance and we want to acknowledge the commitment and effort of taxpayers and tax practitioners in this respect. Revenue supports compliance by making it as easy as possible, and we are focussed on continuously improving our service to taxpayers. In 2017 we launched our new website, providing ready access to information that is easy to understand; we also provided enhanced online PAYE services, which are available in myAccount. We continued to work on the modernisation of the PAYE system. When the new PAYE system is launched in 2019, it will result in improved accuracy and transparency for employers and employees.”

Speaking about Revenue’s response to non-compliance, Mr Cody said: “During 2017, we completed 646,633 compliance interventions, which yielded €492 million. In addition, by 4 May 2017, we received €83.8 million from 2,786 disclosures in the final offshore disclosure settlement opportunity. Tackling tax evasion remains a high priority and where it is uncovered, Revenue will apply the maximum sanctions and deterrents including penalties, publication and potentially, criminal prosecution. In 2017, there were 24 criminal convictions for serious tax and duty offences and 1,610 summary convictions with a total of €5.2 million imposed in fines. 301 settlements were published in the List of Tax Defaulters.”

As regards Revenue’s approach to debt collection, Mr Cody said: “When taxpayers or businesses run into difficulty in paying their taxes, it is essential that they engage with us as soon as difficulties arise, send in returns on time, and agree a payment arrangement. We currently have 10,203 phased payment agreements in place, in respect of debt of €93 million. Our debt management framework gives the tax paying public confidence that the system is fair, which in turn drives the very high rates of voluntary compliance. When a taxpayer or business does not engage with us, then, in fairness to those who are compliant, we have no alternative but to use our enforcement powers to secure payment.”

The preliminary results can be viewed here

[ENDS 04/01/2018]