Revenue replaces 1890 LoCall system to reduce costs for customers

Today (26/09/2018) Revenue launches a new telephone technology platform that facilitates phone calls using standard telephone numbers, resulting in reduced costs for our customers using mobile phones.  

For some time, Revenue has been actively seeking ways to reduce the cost burden for customers contacting us by mobile phone. While the 1890 service is a low cost service for fixed line calls, mobile telecom operators do not treat it as a low cost service or as part of ‘bundled minute packages’ and charge standard rates.

Revenue has implemented changes that will allow us to provide a robust and reliable telephone service similar to that provided by the 1890 architecture. As it uses standard phone numbers, calls will be charged based on a caller’s own telephone ‘bundle package’.

The new national contact phone number that should be used by employees/occupational pension recipients for any queries relating to PAYE is (01) 738 3636.

For Revenue customers, the new list of new phone numbers replacing the old 1890 numbers can be found here.

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