Revenue publishes headline results 2018

Today (04/01/2019), Revenue published preliminary results for 2018 including tax and duty collected, services provided to customers, timely compliance rates, yield from compliance and enforcement, including debt enforcement, interventions. 

Commenting on the results, Mr. Niall Cody, Revenue Chairman, said: “Against a backdrop of continued strong growth in the economy, Revenue collected €54.5 billion in taxes and duties for the Exchequer as well as over €13.5 billion on behalf of other Departments, Agencies and EU Member States. 

Continued strong levels of timely, voluntary compliance by taxpayers reflect the reality that the vast majority of individuals and businesses pay the right amount of tax, on time. We support voluntary compliance by making it as easy as possible, and we are focused on optimising our service to taxpayers. We acknowledge their engagement and that of tax practitioners and agents in the very strong compliance we have seen again in 2018.” 

Commenting on the transformation of the administration and collection of payroll taxes Mr. Cody added “In 2018, we completed work on the modernisation of the PAYE system, which came into effect on 1 January 2019. We recognise that the new reporting arrangements represent a fundamental adjustment for employers and during 2018 we undertook a range of initiatives, including over 77,000 employer visits, to assist employers, and their tax agents, in understanding the changes. At close of business on 3 January, payroll details for 823,710 employees have been submitted.” 

Revenue underpins its support for voluntary compliance by targeting and tackling all forms of non-compliance. Highlighting Revenue’s determination to confront non-compliance Mr. Cody said: “During 2018, we completed 572,785 audit and compliance interventions, which yielded €572.6 million, seized 158 unlicensed gaming machines, settled 22 tax avoidance cases yielding €5.7 million and secured 17 criminal convictions for serious tax evasion and fraud. 256 tax settlements were published in the List of Tax Defaulters. 

Mr. Cody added that “Revenue continues to target and disrupt shadow economy activities. Last year Revenue seized over 67 million cigarettes. This included 23.5 million cigarettes, with an estimated potential loss to the Exchequer of €37.5 million, discovered in March 2018 in a counterfeit cigarette factory. 6,487.9 kilos of drugs with an estimated value of just over €33 million were seized in 2018”. 

Commenting on Revenue’s capacity to work with businesses and individuals to deal with specific payment difficulties, Mr. Cody reiterated Revenue’s message about the importance of early engagement, sending in returns on time and agreeing a payment arrangement with Revenue. “9,088 taxpayers were facilitated with a phased payment arrangement covering €93 million of debt in 2018. We can, and do, very successfully work with taxpayers who engage early with us to resolve their payment difficulties.” 

The preliminary results can be viewed here:

[ENDS 04/01/2019]