Revenue update on the new PAYE system

The new arrangements for PAYE reporting came into operation on 1 January 2019. In the first month of the new requirements, Revenue received payroll information (pay and deduction details) from employers for over 2.4 million employees, representing 90% of all employees currently registered with Revenue.

On 5 February, Revenue issued monthly Statements to all employers confirming the information received from them during January and advising that any amendments must be completed by 14 February.

Where Revenue records indicated that no payroll submissions were received, a ‘Nil’ Statement issued. In many instances, a ‘Nil’ Statement is appropriate and correct, for example, many employments are seasonal in nature. However, to ensure that employers are fully aware of, understand and meet their obligations, Revenue is now writing to approximately 65,000 employers advising them to check their January Statement, and if amendments are required that revised submissions are completed before 14 February.

Ruth Kennedy, Revenue’s Project Manager for PAYE Modernisation advises “If the payroll details set out in your January Statement are correct, no action is necessary and the details will be deemed to be your statutory monthly Return on 14 February. If the information in your Statement is not correct, you have until 14 February to make revised submissions and these changes will automatically update your Statement”.

Stressing the importance of employers in meeting their Statutory obligations, Ms Kennedy added “Revenue’s intention is to make the relevant payroll details available very shortly to each employee, so that they can access their pay, tax, USC and PRSI details in real-time. As such, employers need to fully appreciate that it is very important that all pay and statutory deductions details are reported as they occur so that the real-time employee record is always fully up to date.”

Finally, Ms Kennedy advised “If employers require any assistance or have any queries regarding their statutory PAYE obligations under the new reporting arrangements, please feel free to contact Revenue’s National Employer Helpline at telephone number 01-7383638 where our agents will be happy to help you”. 

[Ends 07/02/2019]