Revenue provides key LPT advice to property owners

Today (28/10/2021) Revenue confirmed that Local Property Tax Returns for 530,000 properties, representing approximately 30% of the expected number of properties liable for LPT for 2022, have been filed in advance of the return filing deadline of 7 November 2021. Almost 95% of these returns were filed online in either MyAccount, ROS or the LPT Online Portal.

Reminding residential property owners of what they need to do to meet their LPT obligations for 2022, Ms Katie Clair, Head of Revenue’s LPT Branch said:

“The deadline for submitting your LPT Return is just over a week away. Before submitting the return, you need to determine the current market value of your property. Then, when submitting the return, you need to select the valuation band appropriate to your property’s market value and confirm how you will pay your LPT for 2022."

As the deadline for submitting LPT Returns is fast approaching, Revenue’s LPT Helpline is extremely busy. In recent days, the number of calls received per day has exceeded 10,000. With this mind, Ms Clair provided some useful hints and tips for property owners who may have been trying to contact the LPT Helpline:

“The busiest time for calls coming through to our LPT Helpline is between 9.30 and 11.30 each morning. If you are having difficulties getting through to us, please try again later in the day if you can.

If you haven’t received a letter about your LPT in the post, it may be in your My Documents in myAccount or in your ROS Inbox. We know that some property owners may not have received a letter, for example, where the property was not on the LPT register. These property owners still need to do 3 things by the 7th of November – value their property, submit their LPT return and indicate on the return how they will pay their LPT for 2022.

If your property is not currently registered with Revenue, you can register it yourself by clicking on the ‘Register New Property’ link on the Property Services Card in myAccount or in the Other Services section on the ROS homepage.

We expect that some property owners will determine that their property falls into a different valuation band than the valuation band indicated on our online valuation guide or the valuation band used for the purposes of their Notice of LPT Estimate. Where this is the case, you do not need to contact Revenue, all you need to do is select the relevant valuation band that applies to your property’s market value when submitting your LPT Return.

Finally, to date we have received around 30,000 items of correspondence from property owners regarding their LPT. If you have written to Revenue and haven’t heard back yet there is no need to follow up with a phone call. We are working to respond to correspondence as quickly as possible.”

Revenue published a range of updated LPT statistics today which can be found on the Revenue website.

[Ends 28/10/2021]