Important reminder about the deadline for submitting claims under the TBESS

Revenue wishes to remind eligible businesses that the final deadline to submit claims for relief under the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme (TBESS) is next Saturday, 30 September 2023

The TBESS claim portal can be accessed via the e-Repayments system in Revenue Online Service (ROS). To make a claim via the portal, businesses will need all electricity and natural gas bills for both the relevant reference period(s) and the claim period(s) concerned. Businesses will also need to provide their bank account details and will be required to make a declaration that the qualifying conditions of the scheme are satisfied.

Revenue has been in contact with all businesses with partial claims for TBESS and explained what they need to do to complete the claims process. 

The TBESS claim portal will not be available after Saturday 30 September and businesses should allow sufficient time to complete these processes, so that claims can be fully submitted before Saturday 30 September. It is important for businesses to act now, given the imminent deadline. 

To assist eligible businesses to avail of the scheme, Revenue has recorded a number of ‘How To’ videos and published detailed guidance. In addition, businesses are recommended to refer to the ‘Understanding your Bill’ guide which provides useful details on the information required from energy provider bills. Revenue also has an online calculator to assist businesses to determine the potential payment due in advance of making a claim. The links to these useful supports are set out below.

[ENDS 26/09/2023]