Brexit seminars

Details of future events will be available in Brexit Preparedness Events on the Department of Foreign Affairs website.

Customs Brexit information seminar presentation

As part of Revenue's trader engagement programme, seminars were held throughout the country in 2019.

To assist businesses in their preparations for Brexit, the following information is available:

  • Video on customs implications of Brexit on trade with the UK, excluding Northern Ireland

    This presentation explains what customs is all about and gives an overview of the impacts Brexit will have on businesses. The presentation describes trade facilitation authorisations that can help traders to move goods efficiently under customs control.

  • Video on customer journeys through certain customs procedures

    This presentation outlines sample journeys that businesses may face when moving goods under customs control. It demonstrates when and how customs procedures are applied.

Further information

If you have a specific query in relation to Brexit and customs matters, please email with the relevant details.