Potential VRT implications of trade with the UK post-Brexit

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  2. VRT implications of importing cars from the UK

VRT implications of importing cars from the UK

Post-Brexit, if you import a vehicle from the United Kingdom (UK), this will be treated as an import from a non- European Union (EU) country. You will find comprehensive information about the customs procedures in our Customs Traders and Agents section.

Prior to importation you must:

As the importer, you must enter the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) in box 44 of the customs import declaration.

Used vehicles

A vehicle brought into the State from the UK before 1 February 2020 can be registered as normal up until 1 March 2020.  To register, customers must provide documentation to prove that the vehicle was acquired prior to 1 February.

Authorised motor dealers that have pre-inspected vehicles before 1 February 2020 can register them on online as normal from 1 February 2020.

In the event of a no-deal Brexit the procedure for importing vehicles will change. In that event, from 1 February 2020 if you acquire a vehicle from the UK you must declare it to customs. It can then be declared for pre-inspection or registration.

You will find detailed information about the registration of used vehicles in Vehicle Registration Tax.

New vehicles

If you are importing a new vehicle into the State it must always be accompanied by the following:

There will be implications for new vehicles, which have been type approved by the UK Vehicle Certification Agency post-Brexit. Guidance documents on the treatment of UK type approvals post-Brexit have been issued by the NSAI and Road Safety Authority. Customers and traders are advised to consider these prior to purchasing new vehicles in the UK.