What is the Automated Import System (AIS)?

What will change under AIS?

The Union Customs Code (UCC) introduces the following changes to existing customs procedures:

  • The import Single Administrative Document (SAD), currently processed within the AEP system will be replaced by new AIS declaration types.
  • Import eManifest, which is submitted by express, and air and sea carriers will be replaced by new AIS declarations.
  • The structure and content of electronic import declarations will change to reflect the European Union Customs Data Model (EUCDM). 


From 9:00am Monday 2 November 2020, you will need new customs software to submit these new declarations using AIS. You will find further information about how to manage your transition to using AIS in eCustoms Notification 015/2020.

How will AIS affect your business?

You will find information about how AIS will affect your business in the following:

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