Customs ports and airports for arrival and departure of vessels and aircraft

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Customs appointed airports

There are two types of customs airport appointment, Type I and Type II.

Customs airport Type I

These airports generally handle scheduled flight activity with EU and non-EU countries. They also handle cargo.

These airports are also approved for:

  • the arrival and departure of aircraft, passengers, crew and their baggage
  • and
  • the loading and unloading of goods, stores and conveyances.

The following airports in Ireland are appointed as Type I customs airports:

  • Dublin Airport
  • Cork Airport
  • Shannon Airport

Customs airport Type II

These airports are smaller and generally handle flights to and from other EU countries. The flights carry passengers and baggage but do not carry cargo. The approvals for these airports generally have extra conditions about advance reporting of flight activity.

The aircraft do not carry goods other than baggage, fuel and stores.

The following airports in Ireland are appointed as Type II customs airports:

  • Ireland West Airport Knock
  • Donegal Airport
  • Sligo Airport
  • Inis Oírr Airport
  • Inis Meáin Airport
  • Inis Mór Aerodrome
  • Abbeyshrule Aerodrome
  • Birr Aerodrome
  • Clonbollogue Aerodrome
  • Conamara Airport
  • Waterford Airport
  • Weston Airport
  • Kilkenny Airport
  • Kilrush Aerodrome
  • Newcastle Aerodrome
  • Trim Aerodrome
  • Kerry Airport
  • Casement Aerodrome.

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