Customs ports and airports for arrival and departure of vessels and aircraft

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Customs appointed ports

The following places are appointed as customs ports in Ireland:

  • Dundalk Customs Port
  • Drogheda Customs Port
  • Dublin Customs Port
  • Wexford Customs Port
  • New Ross Customs Port
  • Waterford Customs Port
  • Cork Customs Port
  • Skibbereen Customs Port
  • Tralee Customs Port
  • Limerick Customs Port
  • Galway Customs Port
  • Westport Customs Port
  • Sligo Customs Port.

You will find further information about these ports in detailed port descriptions.

These customs ports have also been approved for the arrival and departure of vessels, passengers, crew and their baggage.

In addition, places have been approved within the customs ports for the loading and unloading of goods, stores and conveyances.  You will find these approved places in customs ports approved places.