ATA carnets – temporary admission and export of certain goods


You can use an ATA carnet as an alternative to other procedures for the temporary admission of certain goods. The use of the ATA carnet is limited to importations of:

  • professional equipment
  • goods for display or use at an exhibition, fairs or meetings
  • and
  • commercial samples.

You cannot use an ATA carnet for goods sent through the post.

ATA carnets are issued in participating countries by issuing associations, approved by the customs authorities of the country concerned. The Dublin Chamber of Commerce is the national Issuing and Guaranteeing Association in Ireland under the ATA carnet scheme. Details of approved issuing associations abroad may be obtained from them.

You can also apply for an ATA carnet if you wish to export goods temporarily from the country of issue to another country. The issuing association will decide when a carnet is appropriate.

Purpose of an ATA carnet

You can use an ATA carnet in place of normal customs documents and as security for charges on imports. If you wish to import goods using an ATA carnet, you must be satisfied that the goods will be eligible for duty-free importation.

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