Probate Tax and Estate Duty

Depending on when the person died, you may have to pay Probate Tax or Estate Duty.

What is Probate Tax?

Probate Tax is a tax that may be charged on the estate of a deceased person if they died between 18 June 1993 and 5 December 2000. The rate of tax is 2%.

Probate Tax is charged in addition to Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT). Like CAT, there are thresholds for Probate Tax. You pay tax on the full amount once you go above those thresholds but marginal relief may be due. Marginal relief limits the tax to the amount over the threshold amount.

Thresholds for Probate Tax

Thresholds for Probate Tax
Year of DeathAmount
1993 €12,697
1994 €12,888
1995 €13,193
1996 €13,523
1997 €13,739
1998 €13,942
1999 1 January to 30 November 1999 inclusive €14,285
1999 1 December to 31 December inclusive €50,790
2000 €50,790

When do you pay Probate Tax?

You pay Probate Tax when your Inland Revenue Affidavit (CA24) is presented to Revenue. You must include a completed Probate Tax Self Assessment Form PT 1.

If the tax has not been paid after nine months from the date of death, interest is charged at a rate of 1% per month. The total interest will not be more than the Probate Tax owed.

Please contact the CAT information office for further details on Probate Tax.

Estate Duty

If your inheritance is a result of a death that occurred before 1 April 1975, you may have to pay Estate Duty instead of CAT.

You must submit one of the following forms:

Please contact the CAT information office for further details on Estate Duty.