Importation of goods for the blind

  1. Overview
  2. Who can get relief?
  3. Procedure at importation

Who can get relief?

If you are a blind person you can get relief from payment of Customs Duty if you are importing Annex I or Annex II goods for your own use. However, there is no relief from Value-Added Tax (VAT) if you are a blind person and importing the goods for your own use.

If you are an institution or organisation that provides education or assistance to the blind, relief from Customs Duty and VAT will be granted if:

You can also import the following goods for use with Annex I or II goods free from import charges: 

  • spare parts, components and accessories
  • tools used for repair and maintenance.

Relief from VAT will only apply to these goods if it applied to the Annex I or Annex II goods originally imported.

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