2020 Tax Credit Certificates

Your Tax Credit Certificate (TCC) has information relating to your 2020 tax credits, rate bands and Universal Social Charge (USC).

These details are based on the most recent information available to Revenue. Please ensure it is up to date and accurate. Claiming all the tax credits you are due ensures you pay the correct tax and maximises your take home pay or pension.

If you are registered for myAccount you can view, print or download your TCC in My Documents in myAccount.

If you are not registered for myAccount you will receive a TCC in the post.

Your TCC also shows your Employment Identifier, a unique reference set by your employer for your employment.

PAYE Modernisation

Since the start of 2019 your employer or pension provider reports your income and statutory deductions to Revenue each time you are paid.

By registering and using myAccount you can:

  • view your pay and deductions details as reported to Revenue
  • create a secure document summarising your income and deductions details.

Employment Details Summary (P60 replacement)

Under PAYE Modernisation, employers and pension providers no longer provide a Form P60. From January 2020 you will be able to view, download or print an Employment Detail Summary for 2019. This is found under 'Review you tax 2016-2019' in the 'PAYE Services' on myAccount.

This summary will contain your income and deductions details for 2019, as reported to Revenue by your employer or pension provider. The information can be used in the same manner as the Form P60, for example, as proof of your income to a third party.