Taxation of employer benefits

Taxable employer benefits

The following benefits provided by your employer are taxable:

  • accommodation that is free or subsidised where the job does not require you to live in the accommodation (see Free or subsidised accommodation)
  • awards made to you due to staff suggestion schemes
  • charge cards: private use of a company charge card by you
  • childcare facilities:
    • provided by the employer that are free or subsidised
    • or
    • provided by independent facility, where the employer pays for or subsidises the cost.
  • company cars: for mostly private use
  • company vans: for mostly private use
  • discounts for you where the goods are sold at below the employer's cost
  • employer contributions to an employee's Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA), subject to relief up to certain limits depending on the age of the employee and the amount of the contribution- this is no longer a taxable benefit from 1 January 2023
  • exceptional performance awards, whether in the form of cash, vouchers or gifts
  • loans where no interest is charged or the rate of interest is ‘preferential’ (see Benefit of preferential loans)
  • meal vouchers (disregarding 19 cent per voucher)
  • medical insurance premiums
  • shares in a company that are given by the company to you free of charge or at a discounted price
  • sports and recreation facilities:
    • provided by the employer but not to all staff, and you avail of the facilities
    • or
    • where the employer pays subscription fees to other facilities for certain employees
  • subscriptions to a professional body where membership of the body is not a requirement of the job.

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