Nursing home (Fair Deal Scheme) loan

The role of Revenue and the Health Service Executive (HSE)

The HSE administers this scheme. 

Role of the HSE

The person in nursing home care must provide written consent to having a Charging Order registered against their asset when applying. The Charging Order is a simple type of mortgage which secures the money that the HSE loans to them.

The HSE pays the money to the nursing home on behalf of the person in nursing home care.

When the loan is due to be repaid, they will inform Revenue of the amount due and the date that it is due. The loan is due to be repaid on either the:

  • death of the person in care
  • sale or transfer of the property on which the Charging Order exists, if this occurs before the person in care dies.

Role of Revenue

Revenue collects the loan on the behalf of the HSE.

When the loan is fully repaid, Revenue informs the HSE, who then remove the Charging Order registered against the asset.

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