2016 Form 11 – File and Pay on ROS

You can file your 2016 income tax return now on Revenue Online Service (ROS). In filing your return online and early:

  • you have the certainty of having met your obligation to file the return
  • ROS will do the calculation of tax liability which will help you make your self-assessment
  • you will have your assessment of liability to tax, Universal Social Charge (USC) and Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI) as relevant
  • and
  • you can set the payment date to 14 November 2017 (which is the ROS extended filing deadline. It is 31 October 2017 if you file a paper return).

Detailed help including a range of videos on completing the online F11 return is available from Filing your tax return under the Self-assessment-and-self-employment section.

If you are due a refund, you should note that we pay any refunds directly to your bank account. Your bank account details need to be on your ROS record. To do this, please:

  • sign in to ROS
  • go to the My Services page
  • go to Manage Bank Accounts
  • and
  • select ‘Manage EFT’ in the Refunds section.

ROS Registration changes

In June we updated the ROS registration process. We included security questions as a means of authenticating ROS users. Use of these questions will strengthen the authentication of your ROS identity. It will allow you to use a new, quicker Reset ROS login option.

If your ROS certificate is lost or expired or you forget your password, the Reset ROS Login option allows ROS administrators to download a new ROS certificate. You do not have to contact the ROS Helpdesk when you need to re-activate a ROS certificate. 

If you have ROS sub-certificate users on your main ROS certificate, they are not affected by this change. ROS sub-certificate users will not be asked to set up security questions because their passwords are available to their ROS administrator.

A video showing how to register for ROS is available on ROS Help.

If you are notified that your ROS digital certificate is due to be renewed (which may happen from September 2017 onwards), please renew it on time. 

For more information go to ROS Help.