MyEnquiries is a secure online service that allows you to send, receive and track correspondence to and from Revenue.

Tracking your correspondence

You can track the progress of your enquiry by viewing the 'Status' column on the 'Enquiries Record' screen through myAccount or Revenue Online Services (ROS).

The tracking system allows you to:

  • view the current status of an enquiry you have submitted via MyEnquiries
  • and
  • see the current division in which your enquiry is being dealt with.
Tracking system status


Indicates the enquiry has been received by Revenue and will be routed into a queue to be processed.

In Progress

Indicates that the enquiry is currently in a queue to be processed.


Indicates that the enquiry has been completed by Revenue.

Awaiting Feedback

Indicates that Revenue has requested something from the customer and is waiting on a reply.

Revenue Initiated

Indicates the message was sent from Revenue.

You can also view where your enquiry will be processed. This information is available in the ‘Interactions Screen’ which is accessed by clicking on the enquiry you wish to view.

Who can use the service?

To use the service, you must be registered for myAccount or ROS. 

How to access the service

Business customers who have a ROS digital certificate can access the service through ROS, using the ‘My Services’ tab under 'Other Services'.

Agents must access MyEnquiries through ROS if they wish to enquire about a client's tax affairs.

Foreign-based agents who have a Tax Advisor Identity Number (TAIN), but not an Irish tax reference number, can register for ROS using their TAIN.

PAYE customers can access the service through myAccount, by clicking on 'MyEnquiries' on the 'Manage My Record' card.

MyEnquiries Data Retention policy

Your items will be available for up to ten years from the date of its completion.

  • Your items will no longer be visible to you within the MyEnquiries system six years after the date of completion.
  • You will be able to retrieve an item for a further four years by requesting the record from Revenue. After four years this will no longer be possible.

Should you require items for longer than the ten-year retention period, you are advised to use the functions within MyEnquiries to save electronically as a PDF or to print and add to paper files.