myAccount guides

Payments on myAccount

Revenue provides a secure online payment facility through myAccount that allows you to pay tax, interest or penalties. You can also make payments for an audit or from Notices of Attachment.

Payment types

Using myAccount, you can pay:

  • Tax - select this option to pay tax.
  • Interest - select this option to make any interest payment.
  • Penalty – select this option to make any penalty related payment, for example in relation to an audit.
  • Attachment – select this option to pay a ‘third party’ debt that is due based on a Notice of Attachment from Revenue.
  • Audit – select this option to pay tax liabilities that are due based on a Revenue audit. The exact tax or periods may not have yet been fully agreed with the auditor.


Each of the five payment types must be completed and paid separately. For the tax, interest, and penalties payment types you can make a number of payments in one transaction. The payments will stack up in a 'shopping cart' type format. You will be able to remove any individual transactions if required before completing the process.

Making a payment on myAccount

You can make a payment on myAccount using:

  • a debit card
  • a credit card
  • a once-off debit – a 'single debit instruction' – using a bank account (confirm with your bank if direct debits are allowed).

Payment History

You can view your payments history from the homepage of myAccount. It lists all the your payments by date, payment type and amount.

myAccount payments helpline

For assistance making payments through myAccount, contact our helpline on 01 738 3663.

You can pay a tax online through myAccount in five easy steps

  1. Click the 'myAccount' link at the top right of the page and sign in. Click 'Make a payment' on the 'Payments/Repayments' tile.
  2. Select the type of payment you are making and click 'Next'.
  3. Select a tax to pay by clicking on ‘Add Payment’, select a year from the dropdown menu and input an amount into the box. Then click ‘Add payment’.
  4. Click ‘Next’ and select how you would like to pay, enter your email address to receive payment confirmation. Enter the relevant details for your payment method and click on ‘Pay now’.
  5. You will receive confirmation of the payment.

See Online payments of tax for further information on the taxes you can pay online.