Access control

The Revenue Online Service (ROS) has a specially designed access control system. This system allows a ROS Administrator to provide the appropriate access to ROS services for staff within a business or practice.

For example, the ROS Administrator in a company or practice may be a senior partner or financial controller.  The ROS Administrator may grant ROS access to staff by providing them with ROS sub-user certificates.  The ROS Administrator is responsible for managing the sub-user certificates and permissions to control staff access to ROS services.

In the case of Tax Agents or Transaction Advisories, staff may be given different levels of authorisation in relation to certain clients, or in relation to filing certain returns. This can be the case in many tax practices and in larger businesses. Some may get permission to view certain details on ROS. Others may be enabled to file Value-Added Tax (VAT) returns, while others may be enabled to file all returns on behalf of certain clients.

For further information, please see Sub-user or linked certificate.