Payment services guides

You can make payments through ROS using:

  • ROS Debit Instruction (RDI)
  • credit card
  • debit card
  • Single Debit Instruction (SDI)

You can simplify your Revenue Online Service (ROS) payments by registering your RDI (ROS Debit Instruction) on ROS.

ROS Debit Instruction (RDI)

You can only set up a RDI on ROS. You will only need to do this once and it will allow you to submit a payment immediately. Please ensure that the bank account you choose is capable of handling direct debits.

Credit and debit card

Making a payment using a credit or debit card is only available to customers whose tax affairs are managed by Revenue’s Personal and Business Divisions.

From 1 October 2023, Revenue will no longer accept payment from Commercial Credit Cards. A warning message will be displayed if a Commercial Credit Card number is entered. Please contact your card provider if you are unsure of your card type.

You can make payments using a Visa or Mastercard.

Our processing partners are Realex and Elavon.

All payments will be processed on the day of completion.

Currently, Revenue absorbs the charge for debit and credit cards.

You will get credit for the payment on the day it is made.

Revenue does not store your credit or debit card details. If you wish to use the same details for every payment you can set up an RDI on ROS.

Single Debit Instructions (SDI).

You can set up an SDI using ROS or myAccount. This allows you to make once-off payments directly from your bank account. Please check beforehand that your account can accept a direct debit.

Types of payments that you can make

The guideline on making online payments of taxes has a complete list of all the types of payments you can make on ROS. It also has a complete list of all the taxes you can pay.

You can file a return and make a payment using the options contained in ‘File a Return’. You can make a payment using ‘Submit a payment’.

You will receive an email to your ROS inbox confirming your payment.

Income Tax payments may be created in our ROS Offline Application, provided a RDI is in place. You cannot use a card with this facility.

Filing extensions

ROS filers who pay and file using ROS can qualify for filing date extensions until the 23rd of the due month.

Income Tax extensions are determined at the beginning of each tax year.

Contact details

Contact our ROS Payment Support Unit at 01 738 3663.

International customers may contact us at +353 1 702 3052.

Emails should be submitted through MyEnquiries.

To send a request to ROS Payment Support, you should follow the steps below:

  • Create new enquiry.
  • From ‘My Enquiry relates to’ menu, choose ‘Other Than The Above’.
  • From ‘And More Specifically’ menu, choose ‘ROS Online Services/ROS Payments’.
  • Enquiry Details: Enter details of your request.