About ROS


ROS is one of Revenue’s three gateways to online services:

  1. ROS
  2. myAccount
  3. LPT (Local Property Tax)

Advantages of online services

Online services allow you to view and manage your tax affairs quickly and efficiently at any time.

Registering for myAccount can help employees to access tax credits and avoid emergency tax.

Revenue prioritises queries that are submitted through MyEnquiries. MyEnquiries is a secure online communications service.

Which gateway to choose
  ROSmyAccount  LPT
  File returns, make payments, claim refunds, access many other online services, authenticate for other public services such as WelfarePartners, CORE Access services such as PAYE services including Jobs and Pensions, LPT, MyEnquiries, Tax clearance and more File and/or pay your Local Property Tax, update property ownership.
Who is it for  Businesses and some individuals  Individuals Property owners
How to register Complete the registration steps to download a digital certificate or register through myAccount Use a verified MyGovId account or register Access LPT services from myAccount or ROS or request a property ID and PIN letter
How to log in Load your digital certificate on the ROS login screen and enter your password

Use your myGovId credentials or your myAccount credentials on the myAccount login page


Use your property ID and PIN on the LPT login page
Where to find out more More information is provided in the next section  myAccount help  LPT help

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