About ROS

What is ROS?

ROS provides access to online services for businesses and some individuals. It uses digital certificates for a very high level of security and for access control. There are a very large range of online services available in ROS.

Who is ROS for?

ROS is for businesses and for individuals who are registered for business related taxes.  Business related taxes include Income Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT), Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT), Employers PAYE (PAYE-Emp) among others.  If you must file a Form 11 for Income Tax online, you must use ROS.

ROS is for tax agents, solicitors and liquidators using TAINs. 

ROS may also be used to gain access to CRO, WelfarePartners, Motortrans and Motorelv online services.

If you are an individual and are not registered for any business related tax, please use myAccount.

ROS and ROS Digital Certificate explained

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