Return preparation options

There are several options available when preparing ROS returns:

  • Online. Most returns are available online and this is usually the most convenient option. A small number of forms are not available to complete online
  • ROS Return Preparation Facility. Forms available in this online facility can be prepared and saved on your computer for later upload to ROS online.
  • ROS offline application. This is an application which can be installed on a Windows computer. It can be used to prepare a wide variety of forms for upload to ROS online.
  • 46G Return Tool and other spreadsheet tools. These are spreadsheet type tools which can be used to produce return or reporting files for upload to ROS online.
  • Third party software. Some commercially available software packages or in-house software may produce files or messages for transmission through ROS. These may be:
    • files which you save on your computer and then upload to ROS online
    • or
    • messages which are signed with your ROS digital certificate (used by many payroll packages).
Popular forms available to prepare offline
46G and 46G Company Yes, but up to 30 entries only   Yes Yes
CT1 Yes 2022, 2023 Up to 2022  
DWT Yes   Yes  
E-Stamping Yes Yes Yes  
Form 1 (Firms)   2022 only Up to 2021  
Form 1 (Trust and estate) Yes 2022 only Up to 2021  
Form 11 Yes 2020, 2022 Up to 2021  
IT38 Yes 2023 Yes  
Intrastat     Yes  
RCT Yes   Yes  
ROM1 Yes   Yes  
VAT3 Yes   Yes  
VIES Yes, but up to 30 entries only   Yes  
VRT40     Yes  

The following sections explain some of the offline options:

Return Preparation Facility

The ROS Return Preparation Facility is a tool that you can access through the internet. This facility will be available from 26 November 2022. It is intended to replace the ROS offline application.

Forms will be added to the ROS Return Preparation Facility over time. When forms are added to the Return Preparation Facility, the version available in the ROS offline application will no longer be maintained and should not be used.

Forms currently available in the RPF:

  • Stamp Duty
  • Form 11 2020
  • Form 11 2022
  • Form 1 (Firms) 2022
  • Form 1 (Trusts and estates) 2022

Please refer to the Using the ROS Return Preparation Facility section for more details.

ROS offline application

The ROS offline application is a tool that you can install on your computer. It lets you complete ROS forms when not connected to the internet.

You can save forms to your computer, then complete and upload them to ROS when it is convenient for you.

Please see the guide to Using the ROS offline application for more details.

46g Return Tool

As an alternative to using the ROS offline application, you can use the 46g Return Tool to enter details of suppliers and generate a 46g return for upload to ROS online. This can be convenient if you have a large number of suppliers.

Please see the Form 46g information page for more details.