Issues completing and submitting returns

Return not available

If a return is not available to file for required tax type or period:

  • Check that the item is not already started in the ‘Work In Progress’ tab on ROS. If the item is in there, delete it, then try to file it again (from the My Services tab).
  • If you are a Sub-user, ensure that your ROS Administrator has given you permissions:
    • you will need permissions to ‘Prepare’ or ‘File’ for this tax type.
  • Verify with the Collector Generals office that the return:
    • is due and issued
    • that there is no ‘Stop’ in place which would prevent filing.

The following returns are not available for online filing: 

  • Form 1 (Firms)
  • Intrastat.

You can only complete these using the ROS Offline Application.

Download the ROS Offline Application and the relevant form.

For further information, please review the Installing the ROS Offline Application section.

Once you have completed the form offline, upload the saved file to ROS Online. You can do this using the ‘Upload a Form Completed Offline’ option on the My Services page.

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