Issues completing and submitting returns

Sub-user cannot view or file returns

If you are a sub-user and you have no option to file a return, you may not have the necessary permissions. You should contact your ROS Administrator and request that they grant you the necessary permissions.

The four levels of permissions for each tax are:

  • No permissions: This option prevents you from carrying out any actions relating to the relevant tax.
  • View: For CAT and Stamp Duty, this option enables you to lookup information and view Revenue Record documents. For all other taxes, this option enables you to lookup information on returns, payments and refunds.
  • Prepare: This option enables you to lookup information and enter details on a form for the relevant tax.
  • File: This option enables you to:
    • look up information
    • view Revenue Record documents
    • enter details on a form
    • sign and submit a form to Revenue for the relevant tax.

For more information, please refer to the guides: 

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