Renewing your ROS digital certificate

You must renew your digital certificate at least every two years, or it will expire. If your certificate expires, you will lose access to Revenue Online Service (ROS) until you obtain a new certificate.

If your certificate is close to expiry, you can renew your certificate by logging into ROS.

You will receive up to two emails to tell you that your certificate must be renewed.

You should ensure that your ROS contact email address is up to date so that you receive these emails.

How to renew your certificate

To renew your certificate, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to ROS - the certificate renewal screen will appear.
  • Enter your ‘Old Password’ (this is the one you have been using to log into ROS up to now).‘
  • Create a 'New Password’ - this will be your new login password. Your new password may not contain your certificate name. It must have at least:
    • eight characters
    • one upper case character
    • one lower case character
    • one digit.
  • Retype your new password at ‘Confirm Password’.
  • Click 'Renew Now'.

Image of certificate renewal screen on ROS

A new digital certificate will be created in your web browser. It will have the same name as the old certificate, but will have the new password.


You must SAVE your renewed certificate and keep it secure, to ensure access to ROS in the future. For more information please see Save your digital certificate.

Any copies of the certificate that you saved before the renewal will be invalid.

If you use this certificate in:

  • a payroll package
  • RCT or other package
  • Customs software or service
  • other online service for example: Motortrans, CRO, Welfarepartners

you may need to reload your renewed certificate for that service.

For further assistance, please refer to the Issues renewing digital certificates section.