HRI for homeowners and landlords

What type of property qualifies under HRI?

The Home Renovation Incentive (HRI) scheme applies to a property that is being repaired or renovated. The property must be either:

  • your main home in which you live
  • a property that you rent out. This must be occupied by a tenant and registered with the Residential Tenancies Board within six months of the work being completed.

Properties that do not qualify

Properties such as holiday homes or new builds do not qualify for the HRI scheme.

Are you registered with Revenue as the owner or joint owner of the property?

The Local Property Tax (LPT) register is Revenue’s register of all property owners. You are on this register if you have previously received any LPT correspondence from Revenue in your name.

If you are not on the LPT register, you can register as an owner or joint owner of your property by either:

If you have not made an LPT payment to date, you can do so by filing an LPT return.

If your property is jointly owned

If you own your property jointly with another person, each owner can claim the HRI Tax Credit. There is a tax credit limit that applies to the property. The overall tax credit is divided between the owners based on the costs that each has paid.

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