Is your property liable for Local Property Tax (LPT)?


A property is liable for Local Property Tax (LPT) if it was a residential property on the valuation date of 1 May 2013. You are liable to pay LPT if you are the owner of a liable property on the liability dates. Commercial properties are generally not liable to LPT.

Each property will have a unique property identification number (ID) for LPT purposes. This ID number is provided to you on official correspondence and should be retained and used in all LPT correspondence. You will also be provided with a PIN number for accessing your LPT account online at Login to LPT online. Your PIN will also be quoted on official correspondence and is required to securely access the LPT online system.  

The property ID number, the PIN number and your Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) or Tax Reference Number are required to successfully access your LPT record online. If you need to request a property ID and PIN number, enter your PPSN or Tax Reference Number when you Login to LPT online. Your Property ID or PIN will be posted to you at the address on file for the PPSN or Tax Reference Number you supplied.

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