Household Charge (HHC)

The Household Charge (HHC) was an annual charge introduced by the Local Government (Household Charge) Act 2011. The charge was payable by owners of residential property.

It was a matter for owners of residential properties to:

  • register
  • and
  • pay the charge on, or after, 1 January 2012.

HHC was payable by the owner of a building in respect of each unit of residential accommodation. A building may have been divided into a number of flats or bedsits. The charge applied to each flat or bedsit. 

The HHC was payable to your local authority. The charge was administered by the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA). 

From 1 July 2013, any outstanding HHC liability was increased to €200 and is payable to Revenue. This included any late penalties. In July 2013, arrears of HHC were converted to Local Property Tax (LPT). Revenue collects HHC arrears in the same way as LPT. For all information regarding payment of arrears of HHC, please contact the LPT Branch

HHC paid to your local authority 

If you paid your HHC to your local authority, you should have received and retained a receipt. Revenue's LPT record may show that the HHC is outstanding. If so, you should provide receipt of payment to Revenue or pay the charge online. You may have mislaid the receipt. If so, you should contact the HHC Support Centre. You can do so by emailing: and request a copy of your receipt. 

Exemption from the HHC

If you qualified for an exemption, you should hold a Certificate of Exemption issued by the LGMA. If you now wish to request an exemption from HHC you should submit your claim in writing to the LGMA. Please email your request to  

Waiver from the HHC due to receiving Mortgage Interest Supplement

You may have been entitled to a waiver of the HHC. If so, you should hold a Certificate of Waiver from the LGMA. If you have mislaid your certificate you should contact This waiver does not entitle you to a waiver of the LPT.