Paying your Local Property Tax charge

LPT payment methods carried forward

If you have been paying LPT by one of the recurring payment options, your current payment method will be carried forward every year.

The recurring payment methods are:

  • monthly direct debit
  • Annual Debit Instruction
  • deduction at source from your:
    • salary, wages or occupational pension
    • Department of Social Protection payment
    • Department of Agriculture payments.

Paying LPT for two or more properties

Your current payment method for each property will be automatically carried forward to 2023 if:

  • you are liable for LPT for two or more properties
  • and
  • you have already been paying LPT by the same recurring payment method for all of your properties.


If you pay LPT using multiple payments, or from multiple bank accounts, your payment method will not be carried forward.

Paying LPT for 11 or more properties

If you are liable for LPT for eleven or more properties, you can either:

  • specify your preferred payment option in the LPT Return for each property separately
  • or
  • you can set up a single payment arrangement to cover your LPT charges for all of your properties. This can be done using the ‘manage payments for multiple properties’ option on the LPT Portal.

For further information on submitting your Return for multiple properties please see Owners of multiple properties.

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