Submitting your Local Property Tax (LPT) Return

Submitting your LPT Return using the paper Form LPT1

You might not be able to submit your Local Property Tax (LPT) Return online. If you are not, you can complete the paper Form LPT1 - LPT Return instead.

Revenue has issued you with a paper Form LPT1 - LPT Return, along with a covering letter, if:

  • you have not used one of Revenue’s online services before
  • and
  • you have not paid your LPT using one of the recurring payment methods, for example, Annual Debit Instruction, direct debit or deduction at source.

You will have received this letter and your Form LPT1 before the valuation date of 1 November 2021. You should have sent your completed Form LPT1 to Revenue by 10 November 2021. If you did not, you need to send it in immediately, even if you have paid your LPT.

If you have not paid your LPT, you can provide your payment arrangements on the same Form LPT1 that you submit.

If you did not receive a Form LPT1 by post and you are not in a position to submit your LPT Return online, please contact Revenue’s LPT Branch.

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