Non-Resident Landlord Withholding Tax (NLWT)


If non-resident landlords engage a collection agent, the tenant will pay rent to the collection agent. The tenant will then have no further role. If the non-resident landlord does not engage a collection agent, the tenant must engage with the Non-Resident Landlord Withholding Tax (NLWT) system.

There will be a new NLWT system in myAccount and in Revenue Online Service (ROS). In this system, tenants will make Rental Notifications (RNs) when rent is paid to non-resident landlords. As part of the RN, tenants will withhold and remit 20% of the rent payment to Revenue. This withheld sum will be available to the non-resident landlord as a credit when they submit their annual return.

Making Rental Notifications

When making a rental payment, the tenant must submit an RN and remit 20% of that rent payment to Revenue. The remaining 80% of the rental payment can then be made to the non-resident landlord.

As a tenant, there are three options to submit an RN.

  • Single RN input.
  • Set up a repeat RN at monthly intervals.
  • or
  • Bulk upload of RNs through a CSV file (although available to tenants, this facility is more likely to be used by collection agents managing multiple properties).

As a tenant, to make RNs you will need to submit the following information regarding the rent you pay:

  • your non-resident landlord's name and address
  • your non-resident landlord's property's Local Property Tax (LPT) ID
  • and
  • your non-resident landlord's email or phone number.

Full details are provided in the NLWT TDM.

Bulk upload of Rental Notifications.

Batch uploads of RNs can be completed by uploading a CSV file.

Setting up repeat Rental Notifications

The NLWT system provides a facility for tenants to set up a repeat RN. This process creates an instruction to generate an RN at monthly intervals. The instruction allows for payment, or remittance of the deduction, from the tenant's bank account.

The system provides for monthly intervals between RNs with the first debit date being at least eight days in advance. This means that, in practice, the first RN will be a single RN input. Subsequent RNs can be set up as repeat RNs.

Searching Rental Notifications

Search and report facilities are available in ROS and myAccount for tenants.

Amending Rental Notifications

As a tenant, you can amend an RN. You should select the RN within the search functionality. You may, within certain restrictions, amend some or all of the fields of an RN. If you want to delete an existing RN, you will need to change the payment amount to zero.

Generating acknowledgements (PDFs of RNs)

An option is available to generate a 'Rental Notification Acknowledgement' PDF for each:

  • individual RN submitted
  • or
  • group of RNs submitted. 

Tenants can give the PDF acknowledgement of the RN to their non-resident landlord as a record of tax deducted.