Residential Development Stamp Duty Refund Scheme

How can you claim

You must make your claim online through ROS or myAccount eRepayments. ROS eRepayments Help Guide and myAccount eRepayments Help Guide contain information on how to complete a claim.

You must attach the following documents to your claim:

  • Stamp Duty residential property development refund scheme (Declaration)
  • a copy of the instrument that transferred ownership of the land to you. You must write on this copy that it is a true copy of the original
  • a copy of the email from the relevant local authority that acknowledged that the commencement notice or seven days notice is valid. 

There may be more than one accountable person. All of you must agree to one of you making the claim and receiving the refund. This agreement must be in writing. The wording of the written agreement is in Consent of Accountable Persons.  

We will approve your claim online and make the refund to your nominated bank account. 

If we refuse your claim, we will let you know why.  You have the right of appeal a refusal of your claim to the Tax Appeals Commission.