Construction industry

What are construction operations?

Construction operations include:

  • constructing, altering, repairing, extending or demolishing:
    • buildings or structures
    • works that are part of the land
  • installing, altering or repairing:
    • security
    • electrical
    • heating
    • air conditioning
    • soundproofing
    • ventilation
    • drainage
    • sanitation
    • water supply systems
    • telecommunications systems
  • cleaning buildings internally and externally in the course of their construction, alteration or repair (not including normal maintenance)
  • works which are an essential part of, are in preparation for or are completing other construction work. This includes:
    • site-clearing
    • earth-moving
    • excavating
    • tunnelling
    • boring
    • laying foundations
    • erecting scaffolding
    • site restoration
    • landscaping
    • providing roadways and other access works
  • works that form an essential part of, are in preparation for, or complete works such as drilling for minerals, oil, natural gas or other natural resources
  • transporting someone else's materials or machinery for use in any of the activities listed above (known as ‘haulage for hire’).

See the Construction Operations Manual for a complete list of all operations.

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