Covid Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS)

Making a claim

There was a two-step process to make a claim under COVID Restrictions Support Scheme (CRSS). The eligible business needed to:

Claim period

The claim period was a period during which a business was subject to Government restrictions. The restrictions meant that the business prohibited or restricted members of the public from accessing their business premises. The claim period was up to a maximum of 3 weeks.

A business premises means a building or other similar fixed physical structure from which a business activity is ordinarily carried on.

A business could have more than one claim period for the duration of the scheme. Different levels of restrictions applied to different types of businesses across different regions.

A business could make a claim as early as the first day of a claim period. The claim was for the number of full weeks that the COVID-19 restrictions were expected to apply to that business premises. A business was expected to re-assess their eligibility before making a claim for a new claim period.

The facility to register and to make a claim was available on ROS. Eligible businesses needed to be fully registered to allow them to make a claim.

A claim should have been made no later than eight weeks from the date on which the claim period commenced.

More detailed information on claim periods is contained in the CRSS guidelines.

Restart week

A business, in certain circumstances, was eligible to claim an additional week of support under the scheme. This was known as the "Restart Week" and applied to businesses recommencing after a period of restrictions. The purpose of the additional week of support was to assist businesses with the costs of reopening.

More detailed information on the operation of the Restart Week and the enhanced "Restart Week" payment is contained in the CRSS guidelines.

Compliance checks

The turnover details provided for registration should have been consistent with the information included in the books and records of your business. This was validated against the information already held on Revenue systems including relevant tax returns.

Supporting documentation was not required to be submitted with the claim. We may request documentation to verify the claim at a later date.

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