How the DCPL applies


The Defective Concrete Products Levy (DCPL) was introduced in the Finance Act 2022 which inserted Part 18E and Schedule 36 into the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997.

The DCPL is a levy that applies to the first supply of certain concrete products on, or after, 1 September 2023. The DCPL applies at the rate of 5%. The levy is applied to the Open Market Value of the concrete product on the date of their first supply.

The person, or business, who makes the first supply of concrete products within the scope of the levy is the chargeable person for the levy. The levy is not chargeable on any second, or subsequent, supplies of that concrete product.

The levy operates on a self-assessment basis. Generally, a chargeable person must submit returns and pay the levy to Revenue on a six monthly (bi-annual) basis. For further information, please see Accounting Periods.

You should register with Revenue for the DCPL prior to your first supply of a concrete product within the scope of the levy. You must submit DCPL returns to Revenue and pay any amount due.

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